Monday, August 15, 2016

"I'm a specialist"

After weeks of searching and searching, we finally found V*'s house (aka Waldo shirt guy.) We found Waldo!! #Blessed We drew a map and made V* show us where he lived exactly!

We went to a lady to get my watch fixed, because I couldn't get the back-part of my watch back on. She tried but couldn't. She got the back-part and just started hitting it with a hammer! Then looks up at us and said "I'm a Specialist" She got it back on, she definitely was a specialist!!

We had a great baptism with A*. Right after, we had a fireside with the branch and it went really well. This is the last week I will be with companion before he goes to America!! Shumë Çaj! I am glad he was able to baptize A* before he left!

I will be in Elbasan for the next 6 weeks, with a Canadian, Elder Mero! That will be 24 weeks here in Elbasan. It's good that I love Elbasan! !

This P-day we made waffles with the sisters and we played the game called Bang and also a game similar to Skum, Mulan. It was a good last P-day for my dead companion..

Spiritual Thought:
The ultimate way that we can know that God loves us is through His Son's Atonement. Though His Atonement we should never have to feel alone. Christ suffered the justice of God that we can receive mercy though Him. I know that God loves us all. He sent his Son to die for us and we are blessed to know that though him we are never alone!

I love you all!

Love Elder Michael Ueston

Some sweet statutes in Korçe!

K* baptism

Selfie with random statutes. 

A* baptism