Monday, February 29, 2016


This week is the last week we have with all of the Dutch Elders. So that's kinda sad.  We are all super homies! 

We did TRC last Friday and I totally see myself improving!!

When we play 4 square at gym, we yell SHQIP SQUARE! which is Albanian for Albanian square. Which is cool! and we kill everyone is 4 Square because "The Albanians" are Savage! Besides that this week was very normal. same old stuff.
food, class, study, food, gym, class, food, study, sleep, and repeat.

Spiritual thought:
Alma 26:12 says "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all thing" 

This week it really hit me that I cannot learn a new language or teach investigators by myself! I need God to help me. I know that I am weak but through God we can do all things! God will help us but only if we are humble and teachable and are willing to submit ourself to Him! God loves us all!! 

All we have to do, to have the help of someone who created everything you know, is ask him through prayer! :) He has the power to help you! :)
I love you all! 

Love Elder Michael Weston

Monday, February 22, 2016

4 square

This week, 2 new Turkish Elders came and they are super nice! and all10 of the Hungarian Elders are pretty cool too! I feel like all of these new Elders think of me as their dad! which is kinda good and kinda bad! No one has given me as much sass as I gave to my dad yet so that's good! ;) (Love you dad!)

Albanian is coming slow but I can tell that I am improving! We are starting to get into the grammar and we sometimes conjugate every word in a sentence! Which will be fun! haha! In Albanian you can sound everything out! I'm feeling the Spirit more and more!

One of my favorite things to do here is play 4 square!!

Spiritual Thought:
This week Elder Rasband came and spoke to us about how we are going to our missions because that's where God wants and needs us to be. Just like in Abraham it says that we are chosen before we were born to be noble and great ones, and we are all in the last dispensation and we are chosen for this! We are chosen to be his servants and be instruments in his hands! We are foreordained for this calling of being on earth at this exact moment. President Mayr said something very interesting, he said imagine, before we came here, God putting his hand on our head ordaining us to what we will become on the earth. He also said the investigators we will be teaching could be foreordained too, and we will be able to see that!

I feel my testimony growing everyday!

I love you all
Elder Micheal Weston

The squad

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cheese in a can

The funniest thing that happened this week in the MTC! We were playing a game called "What are the Odds," before bed when we had free time. (if you don't know what that is, look it up ;) ) I didn't lose but Elder Larsen lost!! The bet was, whoever lost had to spray 4 seconds of canned cheese into their mouth!!! Elder Larsen put 4 seconds of cheese into his mouth and it FILLED his mouth!! So funny!! Then we told him he had to swallow it and I mean he tried to swallow it... then he threw up!!!!!! (he thinks it's funny now) IT WAS FUNNY!!!

Okay other then that! this week 10 new Hungarians came into our zone! They are all so nice!! 3 sisters and 7 elders. We had orientation for them on Wednesday! One is from Australia, he has an accent! It's super cool!

TRC was this week too (TRC is when real life people come and you talk to them and share a message, kinda like home teaching) ! That was scary at first but it was a good experience to share our testimonies in Albanian! 

Spiritual Experience: 
This week I have been thinking all about faith and hope. I feel like I can improve my faith. We watched the movie about Joseph Smith and the faith that  he had to have in order to be able to see the father and the son, and to stand up for Christ's true church while everyone is making fun of him and he cannot deny the Christ!! I know that Christ is my Savior and he loves all of us! I am grateful for the opportunity to show my faith by being a representative of Christ!

Une di qe kyo kiesh eshte e evertete.

I love you all!!
Elder Michael Weston

Monday, February 8, 2016

majkell Ueston

All of the Hungarian missionaries left this morning at 3 AM, so last night they gave us so much candy and popcorn and basically everything I could ever want!! And they gave us some clothes and random toys! I mean! I ain't even mad!

So me and my comp are now zone leaders! So that's pretty cool!
There are these Irish sisters in our zone and their accents are PRIME!!!!!
This week was Testimony meeting and I love it here! Everyone who bore their testimony was amazing! Albanian is said to be the 3rd hardest language but only because of the grammer and so that sounds like an adventure!
I LOVE MY ZONE THOUGH!! They are all so amazing!!!

So one of our "investigators" names Juxhin (U-Jean) turned out to be our teacher. I will call him U-Jean for the rest of my life!!!!!

Also 4 square is LIFE!!

Elder Weston

That's our district! #THESQUAD Motra Lyng, Motra Fulop, Elder Weston, Elder Thomas, Elder Larsen and Elder Lords.  Also in Albanian they would spell my name like this "majkell Ueston"
You know this girl right?  Sister Reniker(yellow sweater) is from Michael's home ward
Snow at the MTC
The Hungarian missionaries left and gave us all this candy!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 1

So this week was super good!

I got to the MTC and time went so slow, we already started to learn Albanian and I felt pretty good about it.

I saw Jessica, Alauna, and some more people from my high school! haha

We had 7 people learning Albanian with us. 2 Motras (sister) and 5 elders.

Now we have 6 people and we are all super good friends, they say this a lot here, weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks! I feel it right now!!!

My comp. is Elder Thomas, he is a very nice guy, he is from New Jersey, and he has a very strong testimony.
Elder Larson is from Texas and Elder Lords is from Idaho.

Trying to learn Albanian is very fun!!! but I already feel the gift of tongues!! I don't know how I know so much in 5 days!!

I am already used to the sleeping now (the first couple days weren't the best because I wasn't used to the sleep but I'm good now!)

Spiritual thought:
All of this week I was trying to learn Albanian and I was afraid to answer any questions so I didn't. We watched a video and it said that you are going to make mistakes and you shouldn't be scared because everyone does when they learn a new language. And I felt my mistake was not being willing to learn and make mistakes because a lot of the time that is the best way to learn. (Just make sure if you do make a mistake you learn from it!)

Elder Weston

The squad
(starting from the right) Elder Conroy, Elder Thomas, Elder Weston, Elder Lords, Elder Larsen