Saturday, October 14, 2017

2 hour church

This week, instead of having our normal 2 hours of church, we had 3 hours of church! 1 hour of sacrament meeting and 2 hours of priesthood session of conference (and woman's session)!!
Only 2 people stayed until the end! hahaha I don't think we will do that again!

Last Friday! we meet 3 old grandpas! They were all so cute! Hopefully we can meet them again!

Zone conference was great! We went to Elbansan and learned stuff!

We met some cute kids from english course! after english course we meet with them and their moms!

We had a super exchange this week in Lushnje! A super exchange is when 4 elders go to the same city! It was fun! Found a lot of cool people!

Spiritual thought:
I LOVED Tad R. Callister talk about the Book of Mormon from this last general conference!

The Book of Mormon is God’s compelling witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ, the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, and the absolute truth of this Church.  After listening to this talk, I don't think it could be said more clear that The Book of Mormon is True! I know that this book is true! Read it!

Love you all! have a great week!
Elder Michael Ueston

Monday, October 2, 2017


Bukurosha: (boo-koor-rosh-ahh)the word Bukurosha in Albanian means "beautiful woman." but plot twist we have an investigator named Bukurosha (they do that in Albanian sometimes.)  We see this investigator in the road and my comp is like "is that Bukurosha? "yeah let's talk to her" I said.  We started to follow her when my comp yelled "beautiful Woman" (her name).  3 younger girls look at him, thinking he is talking to them!! Cute mistake.  hahahahahahahahahaha It was great!

Florika and the seat belt:We decided to have a member lesson and invite our favorite recent convert! She doesn't buckle her seat belt! The car lets me know with an annoying continues "beep beep beep" I tell her that she needs to buckle her seat beat, she doesn't know how to! she tries to rapping in around her. Still doesn't stop the beep.  I then decided too teach her how to buckle her seat belt.. she was so confused! But eventually learned!  Moral of story: you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Is* got baptized!Is* got baptized this week! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have gone to! Definitely the most reverent!

Pday in Berat!
We hiked! I will send you my adventure pics!

Spiritual thought:
I loved conference this week! Elder Uchtdorf said that President Monson told him to ponder the story of the tree of life. I thought this was interesting.  Imagine how many times He has read this story! He could tell you so much about this "simple" story! He could have even said "I don't need to read this! I have read it hundreds of times before"But he didn't he read and it got something new out of it!We will NEVER stop learning! We can always learn something new from the scriptures!I invite you all to read the Book of Mormon. If you have already read it! READ IT AGAIN! you will get something new out of it!

Love you all!
Elder Michael Ueston

PDAY IN BERAT!!!! We looked at bat caves!

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Our investigator's grandson calls me "Xhaxhi Michael" aka "Uncle Michael"
English course started up again! We had a ton of people! It was dope! The kids love me!

This drunk guy tried to get us to drink his homemade moonshine, I declined. (A lot of Albanians make homemade moonshine btw.)

A doctor told our investigators to drink Moonshine and coffee twice a day after his heart surgery because it will "help." UGGGGG!!!! "If doctors are so smart, why are there millions of them"

Church was great! I played the piano, gave a talk, and taught the lesson in 2nd hour. We only have 2 hours! The best part was I didn't know I would be doing any of this until the last second! #Unplanned #WhyPlan?

Spiritual thought:
"Joseph Smith said all things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The central message of all time is that Jesus is the Christ, that He alone burst the bands of death and triumphed over the captivity of hell; and that there never shall be any other name given nor any other way nor means whereby salvation can come unto the children of men, except in and through the name of Christ." Thanks President Anderson I know that Jesus is The Christ!  Learn more about him!

Have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston

Saturday, September 16, 2017

amazing people

Stake conference in Durres happened this week! We took a 30 seat bus, we had 26 people come with us! I even met my friend that I baptized about a year ago, and gave him the priesthood! It was an amazing moment!

Missionary work:
Is* is doing great, he knows the church is true and loved conference! he has been bringing us a ton of referrals! He is awesome!
Ti* accepted a date to be baptized. He loved conference a lot! Especially how they talked about the importance of families!
3 new investigators: Referrals that are super prepared and really understood and accepted our message! AMAZING PEOPLE!

Planked for 3 minutes this week, ran a 5k. Basically the fittest person in Lushnje rn! Also for P-day we hiked the Berat Castle!

Spiritual Thought:Families are very important for the Gospel. Families are the most important unit of all time. The book of Mormon is the guide to have a happy family! I am so grateful for the blessings the gospel brings to my family! Family is sacred! Keep it that way!

Love you all!
have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Son

I dropped off Larsen and grabbed Stapleton in Tirane. (hour and a half)
Drove back to Lushnje. (hour and a half)
Thursday we went back to Tirane to grab my son. (hour and a half)
Drove him to Lushnje (hour and a half)
Drove to Berat (45 mins)
Drove back to lushnje (45 mins)
Monday (today) we went to Tirane to fix the car (hour and a half)
Drove back to Lushnje (hour and a half)
For a total driving of 10 and a half hours of driving! FUN!

My son is from Gilbert AZ. His name is Elder Tobler! He is cool and tall. They grow up so fast!

While we were in our area this week we passed out 700 English course flying! At Church I sat on the stand because it looks like I am the 1st counselor now!

Spiritual thought:This week my thoughts were focused on The Power of the Spirit! The Spirit is like a tour guide in our lives. The Spirit will tell you what is true and help you know what you should do to stay on the right path! I am grateful for the guidance in my life!  Listen to the Spirit!

Love you all! have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston

Elevator selfie 

Elder Tobler and me

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


This week we got a call from president this is how it went:
Pres: "Elder Weston you are training"
Me: "cool"
Yeah so I'm training and I will probably be 1st counselor in my area as well! I am excited! but I will miss Elder Larsen! Cry emoji.  Larsen BYEEEEEEE! I'm getting my son on Thursday!

This week we had a baptism! Ag* and La*, they brought their families, then they all came to church! We doubled the attendance in sacrament this week! #Blessed! Also Ag* got in the water while we weren't looking before the baptismal service and get all wet! hahah super funny!

I went to Berat for an exchange and ate a really good waffle!

Spiritual thought: I am grateful for families! Family are so amazing! I am grateful for my family and their love for me! I know that I will be with them forever through God's Plan!

Love you all! have a great week!
Elder Michael Ueston

Monday, August 21, 2017


This week concerning missionary work was good. 25% of the people in church Sunday were investigators, and 10% was me and my companion! I will let you do the math!  Found a lot of people. Worked hard! It was great! Two people are going to be getting baptized next week! Life is good!

Now the good stuff: one of our recent converts had a great opinion about Asians. "Asian's all look the same... the thing Asians have is agility, because they use sticks to eat their rice." True!

We are teaching a great guy named Is*, he loves bringing us referrals! That is always cool!

Spiritual thought: Being worth for the priesthood is such a blessing. We listened to a story from President Monson's life when he gave his first blessing and after the guy who received the blessing said "I am grateful you hold the priesthood" and President Monson said "me too." be grateful for the simple things! :)

Love you all have a great week or something!

Elder Michael Ueston

Zone Conference