Tuesday, July 18, 2017

new car

We got a new car, a 2017 Silver Hyundai i30! We went to Zone Conference in Elbasan and they gave us this brand-new car! It is so fun to drive too!! Not tryin' to be a salesman but I like it!

We found some cool investigators in the middle of no-where! It's called "Samatic" (This might be the first time anyone talked about it on the interest) And he really likes us! At the end of the lesson he gave us 2 watermelons, and a giant bag of beans!

I don't know what was happening this week, but in Lushnje (my area) they were having so many activities!
--A protestant church had a cool concert. Literally right underneath our balcony!
--For 3 nights there was a beer-fest right by our house, aka on the boulevard, everyday lasting until 12 midnight or so! The best part was that we could here it from out house! **Roll Eyes Emoji** I felt like it was the opposite of the great and spacious building! ;) They did have some good songs so I'm not complaining!

Our investigator, this 50 year old lady, read "Ammon cutting off the arms" and thought it was the best thing in the world!

Spiritual thought: 
This week we had 44 people in church, the most we have had in a long time! We had 43 cups of sacrament water.. So we had to go grab one more cup of water at the end and blessed it for one person! It made me think about how special the sacrament is for each one of us individually. Even if we miss one person, we will bless the sacrament again for that one person! Remember The Savior sacrificed his life for each one of us individually! This Gospel is individual! We all can receive an individual relationship, and testimony of The Savior! I invite you to gain an individual testimony of the Book of Mormon!

Have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston

Flower ties! 

Larsen and I found some nice hats in the back of the car of a senior couple


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of July

On the 4th of July, we had a testimony meeting with our New American Mission President! He served in the military so he is very patriotic! His name is President Anderson from St. George. He is super cool!  I brought an American flag to this meeting because it was the 4th! It was a blessing because we sang The National Anthem! All 3 verses, with the flag unfurled by Elder Larsen and I. After we folded it, like we learned in boy scouts.  All of us with our hands over our hearts, except for this one missionary from England. He put his hand on his shoulder haha! And to close we sang America the Beautiful! Blessed to be American!

On the 4th in English course, I taught my students The National Anthem and The Pledge of Allegiance! With the flag in front the class room!

This week was awesome! We had a baptism! I gave a talk and directed the baptism! We made brownies and carrot cake this week too! They were super good!

Turns out one of our recent converts, she's like 50 years old, has been teaching kids to beat each other up, in the road! I laughed so hard!

Spiritual thought:
We watched the restoration movie this week and one thing really stuck out to me. Joseph Smith's message to people concerning the divinity of the church was always based reading and praying concerning the Book or Mormon.  Just ask God if this church is true! It is as simple as that!

love you all! have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston

Monday, June 26, 2017

Watermelon and Cheese

Albanian drivers:
I love Albanian drivers they are so creative! They love to double park, which is when people are parked on a busy road and they park NEXT TO the people parked and usually get in the way! And as long as they put on their hazard lights and come back before the police come it all works out! It is usually just to go get something from inside a store! While driving here in Albania there is a common rule:
I protect my bumper and you protect yours!
We went back to the farm with the hedgehog and it wasn't there... But this time it was planned service and we pulled out the dead tomato plants and got the green house ready for next year! Then they fed us. I had been told a lot to eat watermelon with this crumbly cheese. It wasn't that bad! :) watermelon and cheese! Try it at home!

We dropped Elder Holding off in Tirane so now it is just 3 beds 2 Elders and 1 giant house! I will miss that kid though!

We went on an exchange, Elder Johnson came to Lushnje with me and Elder Larsen. It went grrreeeaaaatttt!!!

Spiritual Thought: This week I read in Alma 13:27 "I wish from the inmost part of my heart, yea, with great anxiety even unto pain, that ye would hearken unto my words, and cast off your sins, and not procrastinate the day of your repentance"
Alma knows what he is talking about here!
Please repent today! :)

Love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder Michael Ueston


Monday, June 19, 2017


First off this week we had district lunch in Berat! It went about an hour over.  After we ate lunch! This is me patiently waiting for my food! #Classy

Testimony meeting with President:
President came down to lushnje to meet our district before he went back home, and had a testimony meeting! It was cool!

Here is a picture of him!

How I met my best friend:
We decided to do some unplanned service, when we got to the house of this member with a giant field of tomatoes. We picked a couple of rows of tomatoes in our white shirts and ties, because again it was unplanned.

We didn't pick all of those tomatoes, but we picked enough to help! :)

This is where the good part comes in, when we are done picking the tomatoes one of the children of the member brought over a thing that looks like a ball of spikes. Then it started to open, it was a Hedgehog! Not Low Key it was super cute! And because I am a man, I picked it up and took some pictures with it!

We thought it was thirsty so we took it over to the water and it drank water! It was cute! Then we had to leave, I wanted to take it home but... Elder Larsen said no.... and it's against the rules!

I rang the bell:
We went to an old catholic church. There was a bell out front and I started to ring it! Then the guy who was showing us the church, told us, if we ring the bell people will start to come and think that someone died! My companion is dying[meaning his companion is going home soon] so I didn't feel bad! :)

25 Anniversary of the first missionary in Albania:
We went to Tirane this week because they were celebrating the first mission coming to Albania 25 years ago! It was sweet!

This is Sqiponia

This is how many people were there

It was super cool! And it was awesome to see how much work the missionary have put in to get a stake in Albania.

Spiritual Thought:
I am so grateful for Temples! At the Anniversary they talked about the day when Albania will have a temple. Temples are the house of God and it will be such a blessing for the Albanians to have a temple and not need to travel to Switzerland! I challenge all of you that live close to a temple to put in an effort to go once a week!

Love you all!
Elder Michael Ueston

Monday, June 12, 2017


I'm now in Lushnje L-oo-sh-nee-uhh

I love having 3 companions! Lushnje is dope! We have been super busy with lessons. To get pants tailored, here in Lushnje, it's super cheep, only 100 lek or about 1 dollar! This week we had a lesson at this cool lake!

I caught a fly, we were in the middle of a lesson all these flies where flying around us. One landed on my leg, I swung my arm and caught it! I felt like Jackie Chan! Just sayin'

We went to the house of this member, and he had cute little bunnies and kittens and chicks (baby chickens.) They were all so cute!

Last Monday we got our bishop in Tirane a Snapchat! I hope that he uses it!

I can explain more through pictures!

Spiritual thought:
Alma 8:15 "Blessed art thou, (INSERT NAME HERE); therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivedst thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you."
In this scripture you can truly see how much the Lord loves us and watches over us! I know that God looks out for us! When we are down, depressed, and have no hope. He will send help. He promises angel on our left and right. He will give us strength, and make our trials lighter, if we obey his commandments.  I hope this week we can all try to count or blessing to see how the must the Lord really cares about us!

Love you all!

Elder Michael Ueston

Study room

Bed Room ignore the messy beds.. mine is on the ground in the corner

Kitchen [We think this is a cool kitchen]

Main room

Bathroom 1 of 2 

View from our house

View at the Lake

Notice the Purple pants :)



Monday, June 5, 2017

watermelon and mosquitoes

I always make fun of people who go to Lushnje, for no reason at all, and now I am going there! It is a village that grows a lot of watermelons, and has a lot of mosquitoes. That is what I've heard. I am going to Watermelon and Mosquito Town!

I will be with Elder Larsen, from the MTC, and we will be killing Elder Holding!

Mission conference was awesome! We went to Elbasan! ate some good food, it was sweet! Because our mission president is from Switzerland he brought two 10 lb chocolate Toblerones for us. They were super good!

Missionary work is normal, Kl* got the Priesthood this week! life is good! :) I will miss all of my friends here in Tirane!

For Pday, we went up to Shkodra! It was super cool, we visited some members and ate with them! Yesterday, we ate with a members family and she made some super good food! I love Albanian food!

Spiritual thought:
During Mission Conference we had a lot of missionaries bear there final testimonies and I felt the spirit really strong. Our Mission President will be leaving soon and the main thing he talked about was how was need to teach with the spirit! I guess the spirit is really important!   I challenge you all the strive to feel the spirit everyday this week, by reading scriptures about Christ, and praying! Your lives will change!

Love you all!
Elder Michael Ueston

This is 5000 lek

This is President and Sister Weidmann cutting our chocolate!

Last picture of our district because our sisters are going home!

Monday, May 29, 2017


The Albanian version of "Called to serve," says,"Para, gjithmon’ para... ("Onward, ever onward...)
Para, shkojm’ për para" (Forward, pressing forward")

Plot twist: The word "para" (means Onward, and Forward, in this song) it can also mean "Money." This is how I sing it (translated included)

"Money, Always' Money,
Money, we go for money" 

This is my new favorite song! ;)

There was on earthquake here! There I was sitting in the church, having a lesson, when the church shook a little bit! It was an earthquake!!
Magnitude: 3.2 Depth: 1 km.


I was sitting at home when all of a sudden, I got a call from President.  At first I was like, oh crap! Then I was like, maybe he wants to congratulate me on surviving the earthquake? I answered it! He didn't wanna congratulate me, but it was okay. President invited us to go to lunch with him. He was going to lunch with a member and wanted us to translate! We got free food, and got to hang out with President and His wife! IT WAS DOPE!!

I thought that the earthquake was the coolest thing that happened this week until...Ba* (50 years old recent convert) was wearing some legendary Spider-man socks at Church! I was so proud of him!

Our investigators are all doing good. Missionary work is normal! Tomorrow we are going to Elbasan for mission conference!

Spiritual Thought: Alma 1:25 "Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them."

I am so grateful for their wonderful examples, and I hope that during our lives we can stand fast in faith, being steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and be more patient during our persecutions and trials!

Love you all! have a great day!
Elder Michael Ueston