Tuesday, May 31, 2016

old people are great!

Funny quote: We were having a lesson with this older guy, we were talking about the plan of salvation and we asked him,"What is eternal life for you?" He thought about it for a little bit and said "eternal life consists of 4 wood boards in the earth, and that's it."HAHA! He is very old!

I had my first exchange this week! I went to Fier! I learned a lot! Basically that place has some really good pizza, also the members are so funny there! It's just like a small little town! Its super cool!

We also had our first lunch at a members house!!! It was great! We ate food and we had a lot of members there too! It was great!  The president came for district meeting! We were able to talk to him, and we were able to get his advice about our investigators! He is such a smart guy!!!

One of our investigators, his name is Klodi, he is absolutely amazing! Our last lesson with him he told us how he felt the Spirit so strong when he prayed and read the Book of Mormon, that he felt like he was flying! He said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true! He is great!!! He should be baptized on June 18! I'm so excited!!! I can't explain how cool he is!

Spiritual Thought:
This week is all about how everything ALWAYS works out! We were planning on going to this family's home at 6pm (they live far away so we didn't plan anything after that), but they said that they couldn't that day. We prayed that we would be able still to do God's will. Later got a call, it was Klodi, he said he couldn't meet at the original time 7, but could meet at 6! We know that was God's will!

God will always makes sure everything works out! If you are trying to do your best, everything will always work out!

Love Elder Michael Uestën

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fire Station

We visited the Fire Station this week! That was awesome!

We visited the amazing family again! They are still amazing! I love them so much! They said that they want to be baptized but they have a lot of work on Sundays so they wouldn't be able to come to church! I hope that changes!

We meet this guy who is amazing! Missionaries taught him before and they had tried to contact him before but his phone didn't work! We are now teaching him again! He is one of the smartest people I know and is one of those guys that if he says he will do something he will do it! What a blessing!!!!!

Last Tuesday we were walking Edison and his brother (2 members) home after we had a lesson with them. (I don't know why we were walking them home. We just felt like we should.) As we were walking we run into this friend of theres. This friend said "I know someone who wants to meet with you." We got his number and we meet with him. He is a type of guy who is just trying to do the right thing in life and he wants to be baptized! He came to all 3 hours of church and LOVED IT! And he wants to meet with us again!!!! HE IS SO COOL!!! And he says he will get baptized and he said "If I tell someone I will do something I will do it"

I don't know how we could get anymore blessed!!!

Spiritual Thought: One of the best things that me and my companion have been trying to do this week, has been being charitable! We truly have been loving the people! It plays a big part! I know that it has been blessing me and our investigators! We are bold because we want them to feel our love and we want them to be able to have the blessings that we have because of the Gospel! The Church has so many blessings for us!
I love Albanian!
I love these people and I am glad I have the opportunity to be able to serve them!


Love Elder Michael Uestën

They made cheese cake
They visited a fire station
Elder Weston at the top.

Not sure what this is??

Monday, May 16, 2016

"magic door"

This week we were definitely BLESSED!

1. We had 3 hours of lessons cancel on us, so we went street contacting. As we were praying where to go, I felt like we should go down this alley (kinda sketchy.) After this, we saw 1 door, it also was kinda sketchy.. BUT we felt like that was the door we were suppose to knock on.  We went up and knocked on it and we were able to testify of the truth. It seemed like she was interested! It was absolutely amazing how the Lord was able to speak to us so clearly though The Spirit!  We now call it "magic door"

2. I told you last week about the kid who told us all about MMA fighting. We had a lesson with his family! What a great experience! Moral of the story is to always listen to people, even if they tell you about MMA fighting! This kid absolutely loves us! He is so awesome! It was great we could meet with his family and testify of things that we know are true! 

3. This one was my favorite! 
We get a call from someone and he said, he and his family wanted to meet with us. We don't know who he was or anything about him, but we set up a lesson. We drive over to Peqin (about 30 mins away.) Not knowing what to expect. THIS FAMILY IS PREPARED BY GOD!  We start teaching them and turns out the dad has a Book Of Mormon already, and he said, "sorry I should have read more but I read it all the way though once!!!" The daughter told us about how she loves reading the Bible and how she feels good when she reads it, the Spirit! They all have the strongest faith I have ever heard! They own a store next to the road and they closed it to meet with us because they said, "This is more important." We had an amazing lesson. At the end we asked the girl to pray and she thanked God for answering her prayers though us! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! 

Spiritual thought: (if that wasn't spiritual enough)

There are a lot of times in our life when we are going through trials and don't think we can't make it. We want to give up the fight. We don't think we can hold on any longer. 
While Christ was suffering for the sins of this world, and many others, he asked the father "If it be thy will, can you let this cup pass from me" 
Even the Lord of Lord. The King of Kings asked if there was another way. 

Life isn't always easy, but I am grateful for the fact that we have someone who knows exactly what we are going through, someone who loves us more then we can imagine. Someone who loves us so much he is willing to suffer for us through the Atonement, an amazing act of Charity.

I know that Christ is my Savior and I am grateful that I can share this message of peace and happiness with the people of Albania, so they can feel of his love as I have! 

Love Elder Michael Uestën

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nona Farrëc "cool beans"

Nona Farrë: The English equivalent to "cool beans"

Temple touching!  In Albania they like to do this thing where (if you are guys and if you are really good friends with someone) you touch temples! and if you are a girl you kiss each others cheeks! It is so classy! You always do both temples (Or both cheeks.)

Also everyone wears jackets during the summer. I don't understand how they aren't dying! but ska gja (It's nothing)

This week was a fun week!
This kid came up to us, he was 12, and said that he meet with the missionaries before. He told us about MMA fighting, this is where it gets good, and how John Cena is such a good fighter. For about 5 mins after that he punched the air and showed us all of his moves! It was so funny!! And then on Sunday he came to church! It was great!!

Skyp'n the Fam was awesome! Love them!

We had branch conference and we had 53 people at church!! That's 24 more people then last week (Only 5 were from the stake)! We had 5 investigators at church and that was the coolest thing ever!!

Spiritual thought:
The Book of Mormon is Amazing!
The Book of Mormon is evidence that This Church is true, that Joseph Smith a true prophet from God, and that Christ is our Savior!
I know that the Book of Mormon is true!

I hope everyone is reading it everyday!

Love Elder Michael Uestën

Monday, May 2, 2016



We went to this beautiful city Pogradec, because we had a lesson there. It was these 2 guys who asked for a Book of Mormon online, so we brought them one.  We taught them about the restoration. They are AMAZING! The only problem is this city is 2 hours away.. but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I really hope that those 2 get baptized.

We also had a "lesson" in this Xhaxhi's (old guy's) home who believed in the Book of Mormon.  He had a paper that had the 5 steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith, repent, baptism, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end (he said he believes in them). But he wasn't willing to listen to us! It was kinda crazy!

Spiritual thought:
Something cool happened to Elder Divkoviç and I this week. We had to give the car keys to the Motra's,(sisters in our district) in the morning.  We went over to there apartment, but we forgot our phone and we didn't know where they lived in this apartment building, and the door to get into the apartment building was locked.  We decided to pray.  We prayed that we would receive personal revelation to know what door bell to click, so the Motra's could open the front door. The Spirit reminded us when they said they lived on floor 9 about a week ago. That narrowed it down a little.  We both felt we should click on this one door bell. IT WAS THEIRS!! They unlocked the door and we went up the elevator to floor 9! Then we didn't know where their apartment was on floor 9. We then heard the angels sing AKA we heard music coming from an apartment and boom! it was them!! "Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you!" #Blessed #ScripturePuns

Thank you for all the emails!
I love you all!
Elder Michael Uestën

We ate at this restaurant it was super good!

Pogradec! and Elbasan