Monday, October 24, 2016


This week was an awesome week!

First of all we started our english course and there were so many people that we didn't have enough chairs!! Turns out passing out 6000 flyers works.

My companion had a district leader meeting so I went with Elder Sadiku, who is from Elbasan, for a little bit. We have been running every morning #FitnessGameStrong! Meet with Arjan some more with a member and the member really helped him a lot.

WE GOT TO DO SERVICE!! This week we went to a warehouse and started unpacking wheelchairs! We moved 600 of them! We moved them upstairs, down the hall and all over! It was a lot of fun!!! I'll probs send you some pictures!

I taught this American guy! He knows a lot about the Bible and was interested, it was awesome to teach someone with some Bible knowledge!

For P-day we went to mount Dajti mountain. It is super pretty up there! #goals

Spiritual thought:
The power of the Spirit is real. In Heleman 5:30 it says " And it came to pass when they heard this voice, and beheld that it was not a voice of thunder, neither was it a voice of a great tumultuous noise, but behold, it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul." 

I am so grateful for the Spirit to guide and direct our lives. And I am grateful for the love of the Savior

Elder Michael Ueston

We did some service and moved 600 wheelchairs!

I rode a gondola! it was like snowboarding again!!
some of the sqad!
Look at that view! ;)

Monday, October 17, 2016

"It's like I am drinking America!"

This week I went on an exchange with the zone leaders! I went with Elder Divkovic aka my dad! It was a lot of fun to be back with him! He is German! I made him try KoolAid for the first time, he said "it's almost like I am drinking America"

We went and visited the Nebbies (a couple that has been members for a while.) He was telling us how he went to the SLC Temple, in the 90's with some members from Albania, and they did a voice test to see who would be best for the voices in the temple. He was chosen as Jesus and his friend was a little upset because he was choose as Satan.

This guy named Brother T* is the coolest! He has been a member for about 22 years and he has the strongest testimony I have even seen. What an amazing example!

Spiritual Thought:
We have an investigator named Ar* (another one) he watched a movie called finding Faith in Christ with him, he felt the Spirit so strong. It just proved to me that when we testify of Christ and his mission, people will feel the Spirit! This is the Church of Christ, when we testify of his Atonement we will have the Spirit!

I know that Christ is our Redeemer and loves us, and died for us so that we can live with our Heavenly Father again in happiness!

Elder Michael Ueston

Some Qofte (sausage), Fries, and Bread! 

Random fruit we found! It didn't taste like anything, at least it looked cool!

Me and my dad! he is trying to look too cool for school!
Elevator selfie! That is always a must!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Gen Conf

The main things that happened this week was we watched our 10 hours of conference all in Albanian! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be able to hear the words of our living prophet!

I gave a couple of blessing, had Zone Conference, met a couple new investigators, bought a sweet jacket, ate at a Chinese food place, watched the restoration film, contacted, pretty normal stuff.

Spiritual thought:
I am so grateful that God gave us the Book of Mormon so that we can know that this church is true and that God really restored his church on the earth! I am grateful for the spirit and the peace that The Book of Mormon brings to my life!

They went bowling

Their apartment.  Karen and I think it looks pretty nice

Monday, October 3, 2016


This week I came to Tirane, it is awesome! We don't have a car here but we use buses a lot. I'll miss driving! I have 8 people in my district 3 of us are from the same MTC group and 1 other is my dad (trainer). I am really excited for this District!

About 20 new missionaries came in this week! We helped them and we went tracting and street contacting with a few of them!

Spiritual thought:
In Alma 34:8 This is Alma's Testimony "..I will testify unto you of myself that these things are true.. that I do know that Christ shall come among the children of men, to take upon him the transgressions of his people, and that he shall atone for the sins of the world.."  I just would like to add my testimony onto Alma's and say that I know that Christ came among the children of men, and took upon him the transgressions of the world and he atoned for the sins of the world.