Monday, April 25, 2016

Just an hour away!?

If you come to Albania it's important to look both ways when crossing the street. Especially if it's a one way road, make sure to look the way the cars aren't suppose to come too, because they go faster when they are going the wrong way!

Also we don't have shower curtains here too! so that's pretty fun! ;)

This week we have been working on a service project, making benches in this park because the old ones are all broken, we also fixed some swings!

I don't have a lot of time so I will send you all some pictures next week!

Yesterday we were studying in the center and both me and Elder Divkoviç had the impression to go home. We left right then and the power was out at our apartment.  We went down stairs and the guy who was in charge of the power was just about to leave.  We were able to talk to him and get the power fixed. That was a major blessing we had this week!

Spiritual thought:
We were teaching this person who is moving to Germany soon. We showed her a map of the closest church building where she will live, my companion then said, it will only be about an hour train ride away, then she said something that surprised me (in Albanian) "just an hour away!?" She was so happy!! It is really amazing how much she had a testimony and how important church is to her!

All of us need to realize how important church is! Each week having that opportunity to take the sacrament is amazing! My hope this week is that we can all realize how amazing the sacrament is and how lucky we are to all have church buildings so close!

I love you all! ju dua
Elder Michael Uestën

Monday, April 18, 2016

Albanians nod "no" for "yes."

Oh Albanians!
Albanians nod "no" for "yes." It's sometimes very confusing, but what is more confusing is when they try to be Americans and nod "yes" for "yes." I never know what people mean anymore! I just assume people mean yes if they move their head! Sometimes people will nod yes and say "ya." don't worry that means no. (sometimes) ;) This place is awesome though! No tax on food! ha! #GOAL$

This week was awesome and humbling! We had a lot of lessons and a lot of street contacting with people. I really felt charity for these people. :) I feel the spirit guiding us a lot.

Last week I was talking about those 4 friends that we taught and 2 of them told us they would be baptized. We are trying to meet with them as much as we can. It's really hard to meet with them though. Everything will work out! :)

Spiritual thought:
Divine Truth. There is only one way for people to know what is "true" in life. One way to know if Christ really is our Savior. Only through the Holy Ghost can people know this truth. I know that this Church is true because the Holy Ghost manifested the truth to me. And I know Christ is our Savior! 

I love you all! Thanks for all the emails! :)

Love Elder Michael Uestën

Monday, April 11, 2016


Albania! It's amazing! When you talk to people you say "How are you?" 5 different ways and they say, "mirë" (good) every single time and then you continue.  They also don't have shower curtains! haha! but they do shower! ;)
This week has been good! For the past week we have been waking up at 6:00 to go running with a less active member in hopes he will come to church.

We had so many prayers answered this week! 3 times someone cancelled on us, so we prayed and then someone else would:
  1. call us as we were walking and said they wanted us to teach them
  2. someone saw us praying and we talked to him and taught him real quick
  3. (this is my favorite one) we felt inspired to meet with this one guy, a less active guy. We called him and he said he could go to the center (where we meet everyone) and 4 of his friends were there! (all about 22 years old). We started the lesson and asked if we could start with a prayer. The 4 friends didn't know how to pray. Needless to say we taught them the Restoration and asked them all to be baptized! We are meeting with them again today! It was super cool and the less active guy was super cool and was like "yeah, this is true guys" and I bore testimony! It was awesome! After the lesson he said, wow your Albanian has really improved! You speak like an Albanian now! #GiftOfTongues! It was such a blessing!
We had a baptism this week.  He said he didn't think he would feel the Spirit but when he heard the words of the baptismal prayer and was baptized he did! Super cool!  On Sunday he was confirmed.

Spiritually thought:
Charity! People won't care about what you know until after they know about how much you care! I always thought there was a certain way to be a good missionary, by saying something just to get them into the font, but I learned that the best missionary is one that is charitable and obedient! Everyone is different and you have to care about them before you can help them! Charity is amazing!!

I love you all!!
Love Elder Michael Uestën

Some kind of Albania food

Monday, April 4, 2016

This is my Kind of Place!

Albanian Culture:

1. They drive like crazy! No rules! People here can walk right through it because cars will go around you! #ThisIsMyKindOfPlace
2. They have a sink by the toilet.... It not for washing your hands... . (If you know what I mean, but in our apartment we have toilet paper.)
3. Everything is super Cheep (I love it)
4. Everyone walks everywhere!
5. Everyone smokes
6. Everyone says "Hello my friend" or complain about Albania and says that America is amazing!

I flew to Chicago, Germany with no problem. At the airport in Germany we got on the plane and people either spoke Albania, English, or German, so they gave the instructions for the flight in all 3 languages. After that we had a problem with luggage. We all got off the plane and went and found our luggage, I could only find one of my checked bags I told a guy this and he said, in his German accent "It doesn't matter!" so yep, it didn't matter and I got back on the plane and eventually we took off! When we got to Albania, I still couldn't find my second bag. We told the airport and filed a report. I still don't have that bag but the airport called and said they found it. It's with the mission president in Tirana right now! So don't worry there is a happy ending! #GodProtectsHisMissionaries

My companion is Elder Divkoviç. He is from Germany and he is amazing! He is the funniest guy! We hitch-hiked to Elbasan! That was cool! We taught them the gospel and when I say we, I mean my trainer talked to them mainly, and I bore my testimony! I nailed my testimony, no worries! haha

Then normal mission stuff. I was super tired the first couple days. My apartment is really nice (don't worry mom). We watched Gen.Conf in Albanian. I didn't understand anything, so I read scriptures and caught up on my sleep a little bit! ;) I found a McDonalds! It really isn't one. They just have the sign. They only sell baked chicken. Super cool! Albanian is coming! They have amazing food! I'll talk more about that next week! In the center of Elbasan they have a dope castle it's super sweet!! We also have a baptism this week.

Spiritual thought:
Whatever happens is Gods will. We don't need to worry about saying the right thing because God's will will be done. If you talk to someone and they are offended, we don't need to worry, because it will all work out in the end! Mos Ke marak (no worries) we are in God's hands. :)


Elder Michael Uestën

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Elder Weston is in Albania

Dear Sister and Brother Weston,

We warmly welcome Elder Weston to the Adriatic South Mission. After a long flight he arrived in Tirana. He and a temporary, experienced companion tried a little street contacting. Then he had an interview with President Weidmann.

Today has been a very busy day for your son. It started with breakfast at the mission home with the Weidman’s.

Then we took them up to the place where the dedicatory prayer was offered for the proselyting of the gospel in Albania. This is a very spiritual experience. They read the dedicatory prayer offered by Elder Dallin H. Oaks in 1993. They read it together as a group and then separated to study and ponder it, then pray about it. Our missionaries come out of that experience loving Albania and its people.

You have a very special son who is strong and he will do a great work here. Thank you for sharing him with us. President Weidmann takes very good care of his missionaries. He loves them and they have no doubt that does. He sends them an uplifting text every morning and always signs it ‘Love President Weidmann’. They know they can call him anytime even if it is just to talk. Sister Weidmann is there making sure they have everything they need and that they are happy.

After the dedicatory experience it is back to the mission office for training, lunch, and to see who their companion will be. Your son’s companion is Elder Divkovic. They have been assigned to labor in Elbasan, Albania.

Here are a few pictures that were taken today.


Sister DaBell
Adriatic South
Mission Secretary
+ 355 069 700 3461

Elder Weston's trainer Elder Divkovic
Sister & President Weidmann, Elder Divkovic