Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This week we Skype'd someone from Albania! It was so much fun! We taught about Faith. It was very difficult to understand her because she spoke fast and the microphones weren't the best. It was so crazy we could still teach her and she could kinda understand us! So I'm excited to go to Albania!

Tuesday! Rafael E Pino spoke in English, at first, but then he spoke in his native tongue. He had a translator and spoke Spanish for half the time! That was sweet!

On Sunday, Stephan B Allen spoke about how God loves us! After we watched the Joseph Smith movie, from 2002. God has a hand in everything!!

Spiritual Thought:
Everyone should share the gospel with as many people as they can. The gospel will bring people peace and happiness! The gospel is similar to having a pot of gold, don't worry if you think people won't want some gold, because everyone wants it, everyone wants happiness! Share the gospel with as many people as you can. This week I realized I should have shared the Gospel more and I know it would have blessed their lives!

Also if you think about the MTC, people come here, we all learn the same gospel, go all across the world, this same gospel can affect so many people! Everyone has different problems and the gospel can solve all of them! 1 password to unlock the hearts of many!

Vini re, unë jam një deshepull e Jezu Kristit, Birit të Perëndisë, unë u thirra prej tij të njoftoj fjalën e tij mes popullit të tij, që ata të mund të kenë jetë të përjetshme. 3 nefi 5:15

I love you all!
Elder Michael Weston