Tuesday, May 23, 2017


My homie Kl* got baptized this week! He was feeling nervous about getting baptized through-out the week, then we reminded him how satan wants him to be nervous! After that he wasn't nervous anymore! He is AWESOME!

Also for the baptism, we made some cookies and my homie from Elbasan came down! #Goals! We went to Ndroq, this village 30 mins away from Tirane, with a bunch of the men in our ward! It was super dope I ate pizza!

Our Persian friend got his Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles book, in Persian, this week! He was so happy! He said "Westttooonn! I am Happy" It was cute! #ProudDad and he passed the sacrament again! If only we were like that when we get Books of Mormons! Know what I am sayin?

I had my last interview with President! He is such a smart guy! We are going to be getting a new President this next month! I will miss Pres.!

We went outside and tried to contact in the rain this week... it didn't work... so we tried to find people without umbrellas and walk with them! It was kinda effective! ;)

Spiritual thought: In district meeting we talking about the sacrament, making sure it is holy, and understanding the symbolism of the sacrament. It really helped me feel the spirit during sacrament on Sunday! It helped me think of why we are taking the sacrament! You all should try to make sacrament a more holy experience for your week!

Elder Michael Ueston


homie from Elbasan