Monday, May 2, 2016



We went to this beautiful city Pogradec, because we had a lesson there. It was these 2 guys who asked for a Book of Mormon online, so we brought them one.  We taught them about the restoration. They are AMAZING! The only problem is this city is 2 hours away.. but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I really hope that those 2 get baptized.

We also had a "lesson" in this Xhaxhi's (old guy's) home who believed in the Book of Mormon.  He had a paper that had the 5 steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith, repent, baptism, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end (he said he believes in them). But he wasn't willing to listen to us! It was kinda crazy!

Spiritual thought:
Something cool happened to Elder Divkoviç and I this week. We had to give the car keys to the Motra's,(sisters in our district) in the morning.  We went over to there apartment, but we forgot our phone and we didn't know where they lived in this apartment building, and the door to get into the apartment building was locked.  We decided to pray.  We prayed that we would receive personal revelation to know what door bell to click, so the Motra's could open the front door. The Spirit reminded us when they said they lived on floor 9 about a week ago. That narrowed it down a little.  We both felt we should click on this one door bell. IT WAS THEIRS!! They unlocked the door and we went up the elevator to floor 9! Then we didn't know where their apartment was on floor 9. We then heard the angels sing AKA we heard music coming from an apartment and boom! it was them!! "Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened unto you!" #Blessed #ScripturePuns

Thank you for all the emails!
I love you all!
Elder Michael Uestën

We ate at this restaurant it was super good!

Pogradec! and Elbasan