Monday, May 23, 2016

Fire Station

We visited the Fire Station this week! That was awesome!

We visited the amazing family again! They are still amazing! I love them so much! They said that they want to be baptized but they have a lot of work on Sundays so they wouldn't be able to come to church! I hope that changes!

We meet this guy who is amazing! Missionaries taught him before and they had tried to contact him before but his phone didn't work! We are now teaching him again! He is one of the smartest people I know and is one of those guys that if he says he will do something he will do it! What a blessing!!!!!

Last Tuesday we were walking Edison and his brother (2 members) home after we had a lesson with them. (I don't know why we were walking them home. We just felt like we should.) As we were walking we run into this friend of theres. This friend said "I know someone who wants to meet with you." We got his number and we meet with him. He is a type of guy who is just trying to do the right thing in life and he wants to be baptized! He came to all 3 hours of church and LOVED IT! And he wants to meet with us again!!!! HE IS SO COOL!!! And he says he will get baptized and he said "If I tell someone I will do something I will do it"

I don't know how we could get anymore blessed!!!

Spiritual Thought: One of the best things that me and my companion have been trying to do this week, has been being charitable! We truly have been loving the people! It plays a big part! I know that it has been blessing me and our investigators! We are bold because we want them to feel our love and we want them to be able to have the blessings that we have because of the Gospel! The Church has so many blessings for us!
I love Albanian!
I love these people and I am glad I have the opportunity to be able to serve them!


Love Elder Michael Uestën

They made cheese cake
They visited a fire station
Elder Weston at the top.

Not sure what this is??