Monday, May 9, 2016

Nona Farrëc "cool beans"

Nona Farrë: The English equivalent to "cool beans"

Temple touching!  In Albania they like to do this thing where (if you are guys and if you are really good friends with someone) you touch temples! and if you are a girl you kiss each others cheeks! It is so classy! You always do both temples (Or both cheeks.)

Also everyone wears jackets during the summer. I don't understand how they aren't dying! but ska gja (It's nothing)

This week was a fun week!
This kid came up to us, he was 12, and said that he meet with the missionaries before. He told us about MMA fighting, this is where it gets good, and how John Cena is such a good fighter. For about 5 mins after that he punched the air and showed us all of his moves! It was so funny!! And then on Sunday he came to church! It was great!!

Skyp'n the Fam was awesome! Love them!

We had branch conference and we had 53 people at church!! That's 24 more people then last week (Only 5 were from the stake)! We had 5 investigators at church and that was the coolest thing ever!!

Spiritual thought:
The Book of Mormon is Amazing!
The Book of Mormon is evidence that This Church is true, that Joseph Smith a true prophet from God, and that Christ is our Savior!
I know that the Book of Mormon is true!

I hope everyone is reading it everyday!

Love Elder Michael Uestën