Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Our friend J* got baptized! We met him about 6 weeks ago. He speaks perfect english and we had the opportunity to bring him unto the fold of the Lord! I will send some pictures next week!

If you want to know what I did this week.
  • We found Besnik's house and was able to talk to him and his family a little bit.
  • We went to our homie, Kadri's house!
  • Found a cool guy tracting who actually knows something about the Bible and we had a cool lesson from that!
  • The baptisms! 
  • I gave a talk at Church

Spiritual Thought:
We had a really good last lesson with our friend J* yesterday. He told us how he felt when he was baptized and how he felt the Spirit really strong and that he felt really happy! That whole lesson was just full of the Spirit! I felt so happy just knowing he was happy! I know that the Lord lives and loves us! He is always there with his hands outstretched ready to help us!