Monday, September 5, 2016

Clean the church

This week we had Zone Conference, we went to Tirana and it was great! Got to see a lot of my homies from the MTC!

I went on an exchange in Fier! We were going to Fier, accidentally took a couple of wrong turns and we knew we wouldn't get back in time, so we stayed in Lushnje for the night, slept on the couches there and got to see the Lushnje Elders. After we left and went back to Fier, and had a couple lessons there. Ate some classic Fier pizza! Had a lot of fun there.

We had a good activity where we cleaned the church and moved all the books and stuff for 3 hours which was a lot of fun!

To end it off we had 52 people in church!!

Spiritual though:
God sent us here so we could gain experience and so that we could learn and improve. We will never improve and learn, the way the Lord wants us to, if we are always in our comfort zone. Trials are hard, but when we overcome them we are stronger! I know that Christ is here to help us in our trials.

I love you all!
Elder Michael Ueston