Monday, March 13, 2017


We got transfer calls!! "Hey Elder Weston, you will be staying in Tirane 4th Ward, and your companion will be Elder Thomas." I was in the MTC with Elder Thomas so I am excited!

This week was dope!
Let me start with a funny story of my companion!

The Whistle
My companion saw this cool car. He was staring at it while we walked by this attractive girl. And then whistles, "whhho hooooo" (the whistle you do when you see a hot girl) it was intending for the car. But I didn't see the car ,but I saw the girl....Then I am like "you savage what are you doing?"
Companion: "did you see that car?"
Me: "no, did you see that girl"
Companion: "OH WHAT?!" **Looks back**
It was super funny! Great kid. I will miss him!

Some random guy picked us up this week, I would say hitch-hiking but he's just helpin a brother out!

This week our Persian friend finished the Book of Mormon, 2 weeks if you were counting! He is so awesome! He came to church and he loved it even though he didn't understand a lot! I am so excited for his baptism! He is going to be awesome! We can't find anybody who knows Persian... But at least he speaks a little English!

For missionaries: If you are finding it hard to get motivated to street contact, tell yourself "If you get 5 (or more) numbers in an hour, You can buy a crepe" I do it all the time and it is very effective!

Spiritual thought:
I have 2 quotes from our stake conference from last week:
1. "If you don't have time to pray, you are busier then God intended you to be"

2. "A special part of faith is knowing who God is, and not just knowing about him". If we want to develop a perfect Faith, we have to know God not just know who he is. I am so grateful for my personal relationship with the Savior, and I hope that you all will gain a relationship with him as well!

Elder Michael Ueston

Also this is a cute kid in Pogradec that I saw this week! 

My companion was doing call in's and I was doing dishes when I found all of these bubbles!

Mission Picture in Elbasan!

we took a cute final District picture on a slide!