Monday, February 22, 2016

4 square

This week, 2 new Turkish Elders came and they are super nice! and all10 of the Hungarian Elders are pretty cool too! I feel like all of these new Elders think of me as their dad! which is kinda good and kinda bad! No one has given me as much sass as I gave to my dad yet so that's good! ;) (Love you dad!)

Albanian is coming slow but I can tell that I am improving! We are starting to get into the grammar and we sometimes conjugate every word in a sentence! Which will be fun! haha! In Albanian you can sound everything out! I'm feeling the Spirit more and more!

One of my favorite things to do here is play 4 square!!

Spiritual Thought:
This week Elder Rasband came and spoke to us about how we are going to our missions because that's where God wants and needs us to be. Just like in Abraham it says that we are chosen before we were born to be noble and great ones, and we are all in the last dispensation and we are chosen for this! We are chosen to be his servants and be instruments in his hands! We are foreordained for this calling of being on earth at this exact moment. President Mayr said something very interesting, he said imagine, before we came here, God putting his hand on our head ordaining us to what we will become on the earth. He also said the investigators we will be teaching could be foreordained too, and we will be able to see that!

I feel my testimony growing everyday!

I love you all
Elder Micheal Weston

The squad