Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 1

So this week was super good!

I got to the MTC and time went so slow, we already started to learn Albanian and I felt pretty good about it.

I saw Jessica, Alauna, and some more people from my high school! haha

We had 7 people learning Albanian with us. 2 Motras (sister) and 5 elders.

Now we have 6 people and we are all super good friends, they say this a lot here, weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks! I feel it right now!!!

My comp. is Elder Thomas, he is a very nice guy, he is from New Jersey, and he has a very strong testimony.
Elder Larson is from Texas and Elder Lords is from Idaho.

Trying to learn Albanian is very fun!!! but I already feel the gift of tongues!! I don't know how I know so much in 5 days!!

I am already used to the sleeping now (the first couple days weren't the best because I wasn't used to the sleep but I'm good now!)

Spiritual thought:
All of this week I was trying to learn Albanian and I was afraid to answer any questions so I didn't. We watched a video and it said that you are going to make mistakes and you shouldn't be scared because everyone does when they learn a new language. And I felt my mistake was not being willing to learn and make mistakes because a lot of the time that is the best way to learn. (Just make sure if you do make a mistake you learn from it!)

Elder Weston

The squad
(starting from the right) Elder Conroy, Elder Thomas, Elder Weston, Elder Lords, Elder Larsen