Monday, April 11, 2016


Albania! It's amazing! When you talk to people you say "How are you?" 5 different ways and they say, "mirë" (good) every single time and then you continue.  They also don't have shower curtains! haha! but they do shower! ;)
This week has been good! For the past week we have been waking up at 6:00 to go running with a less active member in hopes he will come to church.

We had so many prayers answered this week! 3 times someone cancelled on us, so we prayed and then someone else would:
  1. call us as we were walking and said they wanted us to teach them
  2. someone saw us praying and we talked to him and taught him real quick
  3. (this is my favorite one) we felt inspired to meet with this one guy, a less active guy. We called him and he said he could go to the center (where we meet everyone) and 4 of his friends were there! (all about 22 years old). We started the lesson and asked if we could start with a prayer. The 4 friends didn't know how to pray. Needless to say we taught them the Restoration and asked them all to be baptized! We are meeting with them again today! It was super cool and the less active guy was super cool and was like "yeah, this is true guys" and I bore testimony! It was awesome! After the lesson he said, wow your Albanian has really improved! You speak like an Albanian now! #GiftOfTongues! It was such a blessing!
We had a baptism this week.  He said he didn't think he would feel the Spirit but when he heard the words of the baptismal prayer and was baptized he did! Super cool!  On Sunday he was confirmed.

Spiritually thought:
Charity! People won't care about what you know until after they know about how much you care! I always thought there was a certain way to be a good missionary, by saying something just to get them into the font, but I learned that the best missionary is one that is charitable and obedient! Everyone is different and you have to care about them before you can help them! Charity is amazing!!

I love you all!!
Love Elder Michael Uestën

Some kind of Albania food