Monday, April 25, 2016

Just an hour away!?

If you come to Albania it's important to look both ways when crossing the street. Especially if it's a one way road, make sure to look the way the cars aren't suppose to come too, because they go faster when they are going the wrong way!

Also we don't have shower curtains here too! so that's pretty fun! ;)

This week we have been working on a service project, making benches in this park because the old ones are all broken, we also fixed some swings!

I don't have a lot of time so I will send you all some pictures next week!

Yesterday we were studying in the center and both me and Elder Divkoviç had the impression to go home. We left right then and the power was out at our apartment.  We went down stairs and the guy who was in charge of the power was just about to leave.  We were able to talk to him and get the power fixed. That was a major blessing we had this week!

Spiritual thought:
We were teaching this person who is moving to Germany soon. We showed her a map of the closest church building where she will live, my companion then said, it will only be about an hour train ride away, then she said something that surprised me (in Albanian) "just an hour away!?" She was so happy!! It is really amazing how much she had a testimony and how important church is to her!

All of us need to realize how important church is! Each week having that opportunity to take the sacrament is amazing! My hope this week is that we can all realize how amazing the sacrament is and how lucky we are to all have church buildings so close!

I love you all! ju dua
Elder Michael Uestën