Monday, April 4, 2016

This is my Kind of Place!

Albanian Culture:

1. They drive like crazy! No rules! People here can walk right through it because cars will go around you! #ThisIsMyKindOfPlace
2. They have a sink by the toilet.... It not for washing your hands... . (If you know what I mean, but in our apartment we have toilet paper.)
3. Everything is super Cheep (I love it)
4. Everyone walks everywhere!
5. Everyone smokes
6. Everyone says "Hello my friend" or complain about Albania and says that America is amazing!

I flew to Chicago, Germany with no problem. At the airport in Germany we got on the plane and people either spoke Albania, English, or German, so they gave the instructions for the flight in all 3 languages. After that we had a problem with luggage. We all got off the plane and went and found our luggage, I could only find one of my checked bags I told a guy this and he said, in his German accent "It doesn't matter!" so yep, it didn't matter and I got back on the plane and eventually we took off! When we got to Albania, I still couldn't find my second bag. We told the airport and filed a report. I still don't have that bag but the airport called and said they found it. It's with the mission president in Tirana right now! So don't worry there is a happy ending! #GodProtectsHisMissionaries

My companion is Elder Divkoviç. He is from Germany and he is amazing! He is the funniest guy! We hitch-hiked to Elbasan! That was cool! We taught them the gospel and when I say we, I mean my trainer talked to them mainly, and I bore my testimony! I nailed my testimony, no worries! haha

Then normal mission stuff. I was super tired the first couple days. My apartment is really nice (don't worry mom). We watched Gen.Conf in Albanian. I didn't understand anything, so I read scriptures and caught up on my sleep a little bit! ;) I found a McDonalds! It really isn't one. They just have the sign. They only sell baked chicken. Super cool! Albanian is coming! They have amazing food! I'll talk more about that next week! In the center of Elbasan they have a dope castle it's super sweet!! We also have a baptism this week.

Spiritual thought:
Whatever happens is Gods will. We don't need to worry about saying the right thing because God's will will be done. If you talk to someone and they are offended, we don't need to worry, because it will all work out in the end! Mos Ke marak (no worries) we are in God's hands. :)


Elder Michael Uestën