Monday, July 25, 2016

hot and humid

We tried to find our investigators house who always wears his waldo shirt and we asked a lot of people and none of them knew where he was. It was funny. I kept thinking "No one is going to know where waldo lives, He is waldo!"

We have this Friend, Arjan, who we have been teaching and he is so funny! He should be getting baptized on Aug. 13 and he really wants to help us do missionary work and so we have been going to members houses with him and have been teaching very simple lessons! So much fun!

The only other thing that happened was that we planned 16 first lessons and none of them came, most likely because it is so hot! It has been a very humbling week.

I will be with a mini missionary for the next 2 days! so I am kinda like a trainer right now! #TrainingMySecondTransfer!

Spiritual Though:
Our friend Arjan used to smoke, he is 24 years old. This last week he stopped all smoking and we had another lesson with him and we could see the Light of Christ in him! It was amazing! We have been teaching him for about a month and he has changed and improved so much and I know that the Gospel changes peoples lives! I am so grateful that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth through a living prophet!

I love you all! 
Love Elder Michael Ueston