Tuesday, July 5, 2016


P-day! Or Free-DAY!!! 'Merica

I am finally done with my training transfer. I will be staying in Elbasan and Elder Eddings will be coming here. I am very excited! I will most likley serve in Elbasan for 3 more months! Also I kinda burnt my 12 week program book, just a little bit. ;)

This week was packed full:
We had a great lesson with our Friend Klodi about tithing and he understood it 100% and said he would be willing to pay more to the Lord!! He is amazing! He should be getting baptized next week! We are so blessed we found him too!! He got his baptism interview on his birthday!

We had an open house for the Church here and it was a lot of fun!
We had this lesson where this guy told us about the government doing all sorts of experiments and stuff and he wanted to sue the government and stuff... I really didn't understand what he was saying!! The only thing I understand was the word "experiment." sooo.... I invited him to do another experiment... the one with Moroni 10... and praying about it.... yeah.... he didn't come back! It was so funny!

Spiritual thought:
Christ will help us through all things! He died for us and wants to help us. Through the Atonement we can use his enabling power and receive strength if we are worthy of it! God often times won't change our situations, but what he can do is give us strength to withstand them, and eventually change them for ourselves.

When Nephi's brothers tied him up he prayed for strength, and he was able to break the bands with his own strengths. He prayed to use the enabling power of the Atonement to help him be strong enough to get though the trial he was facing.

We should pray for strength to change our situation, not just ask for our situation to be changed. With the strength of the Lord inside us we can do all things!

I know that God loves and we can do all things through him! I know that if we pray for strength in our lives we will come to understand the Atonement even more!

Love you all!
Elder Michael Uest├źn