Monday, July 25, 2016


We were able to meet K's wife this week and he is amazing too!! K has been telling her about the lesson and she is very interested! It is awesome! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

We have this guy named Visi. We always meet his in the street and he always wears the same shirt, "a waldo shirt" so it's like playing a game of "where's waldo" every time he says he wants to meet with us.

We printed 1200 English course flyers 300 pages of them and we needed them to get cut. We walked around and found this sketchy sweatshop looking place! they said they would cut it for free. They had this giant knife cutting machine to cut them and it was dope! No safety and nothing else it was sweet! Also it wasn't a sweatshop but it did have a guard dog in a cage, It was a book printing shop thing.

I did a baptism interview this week... so I mean from what I understood it was good! Just kidding the gift of tongues is real!

We have an investigator named Arjan. He is so funny! we have very simple lessons with him and they are like the best lessons I have all week! SO MUCH FUN!!

Spiritual Thought:
PRAYER! This week I really wanted to meet with some people that we had taught before. I prayed on Friday and Saturday that we would meet them and then on Saturday night we meet him in the road!!!!!! and he said he would come to church! We hadn't seem him for about 3 weeks and after praying just for about 24 hours we meet him!
God Love us so much! He wants us to be happy and he wants us to be able to feel of his love. He wants us to humbly ask him for things before he will give them too us! I know that God answered my prayers and I know that God loves me and each one of you!