Monday, February 20, 2017

hitchhiking part 2

We have some great stories this week! You know what that means!! STORY TIME!

Deaf Guy:
I am about to get on the bus, when I started "talking" to someone. He looked at me and nodded his head no (which in Albania can mean anything.)  I was thinking, "So you don't want to talk... this is going to be an awkward bus ride", then he pulls out his phone, goes into notes and types: "I am deaf do you need something?" then boom, I started talking to him about the Gospel. We are going to meet again tomorrow!  If you were wondering! I am so gratefully we have pamphlets he can read!
Moral of the story: You don't need to talk to everyone, because you might be deaf.

Mario is going to get baptized on the 11th of March!

Me and my companion bought an air-freshener, NOT because our house smells bad, but just because our house doesn't have a smell. Now our house smells like lavender! It is great! After getting home from a hard day of work our house smells great!
Moral of the story: #Blessed

We made banana bread, it tasted good, but SOS we need a better recipe! :)

Hitchhiking Part 2:
The first time I hitchhiked I was with my German father, 2nd day in the country. The second time (this time) I was in the middle of a sketchy town late at night trying to get home.
Here's why:
We were at an investigators home, they fed us some great food, pasta, olives, spinach, then we had a lesson on Charity. We looked at the clock and it is 8:45. We have to get home in 45 mins. So we leave and start running to one of the two bus stops. As we are running on this road perpendicular to the road, when ZOOOM we see the last bus drive past! Then we are like, "Oh Crap" so we start walking down the long and dusty road, with our thumbs out hoping a nice person would pick us up and bring us to the next bus stop.  A couple of cars drive by without luck. Then this guy stops. (I say a quick prayer) and get it! He was a nice guy and takes us to the next bus stop. Then we ended up getting home exactly at 9:30 + or - 2 mins (according to the watch you look at.)
Moral of the story: hitchhiking is fun. Do it at home.

We played Frisbee a lot, we had a lot of fun lessons.  We saw a dog squad 12 of them!

Bajrëm "brings" a friend:
We met Bajrëm, (Bae-Rum) again after english course and right before the lesson he asked this 12 year old, btw Bajrëm is about 40, if he wants to join us in the lesson. Then he grabs him and pulls him into the lesson.
Moral of the story: it doesn't matter how you get people to come to the lessons, as long as they come!

We met this members Muslim family. They don't like missionaries that much. They are great.......

Spiritual Thought:
D&C 122:7 "...know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."
When we have trials God saying that they are for our experience.  I am so grateful for all the blessing and trials in my life that help me gain experience and become a better person!

Love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Michael Ueston
My new "Rolex" watch :)

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