Monday, January 9, 2017


This week it was a bit chilly. All of the kids got an extra week off of school because they don't have heaters in the schools. Its a little difficult to street contact when everyone is so cold... so it just makes it a great opportunity to tract! ;)

This week was sweet! We had zone conference in Tirane and an exchange in Tirane. My German Dad (Trainer) said we can go on an exchanges this next week! I am pumped! He said I have to make him pancakes though! he always says, "I love your American breakfasts" I just make french toast, pancakes, and one time a German pancake (BTW he had never seen a German pancake before) Goals!

Nothing else to fun happened, we have an investigator named "Lazer" (law-zer) so that is worth it sounds like laser! and one named Nino (knee-no), Lionardo ( like the Ninja turtle.) I like the names here!

Speaking of lasers, I brought my leather book, from Macedonia, to a laser store to laser a picture of my dog named Millie into it! So that is goals!

Spiritual Thought:
I really enjoyed the Zone Training this week! I felt the spirit super strong. One thing that My German Dad said is "God is Only One Prayer Away" and I thought about that for a while!  How often do we forget to pray?  When we have a problem, how often do we forgot that the creator of all things is only one prayer away, ready to help and comfort us at all times?  I know that God loves us and that through prayer we can talk to Our Heavenly Father anytime we want! I challenge you all to try to make prayer a more important part of your lives!

I love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Michael Ueston